The Biggest Myths About Escorts Debunked

There are certainly so many misconceptions about escorts flying around, and we actually met with an escort to debunk them. Well, it was indeed a successful meeting because the person who we interviewed helped us debunk so many misconceptions and they gave us authentic information about what it is like to be an escort as well. They said that people are fascinated by them, but rarely are they ever interested in actually getting know them or understanding them. Because of how escorts are portrayed in movies and TV shows, they are definitely misconstrued to be a certain type of people which they are actually not. Movies and TV have fueled the wrong representation, and this has indeed incepted so many myths in the minds of the general public.

Myth: Escorts are interested in picking up scraps of people who are unable to get laid by conventional methods.

Debunked: The typical escort client is actually married and in their 40s or 50s and the vast majority of them is actually happily married. They visit escorts because that would leave no trail, the transaction is done, and it ends there. There are not a lot of ways that their spouse can find out. Just because people cannot picture a well-adjusted person to visit escorts, that doesn’t mean that, they will not visit an escort.

Myth: Escorts are victims of violence.

Debunked: The escort that we interviewed has actually had a pretty normal life and has indeed come across some really great clients. And no, they did not witness any other escorts in their circle have any issues with violence either. Most people forget that escorting is a choice, and they choose to be in the profession.

Myth: Escorts are addicts and need drugs and alcohol to do their jobs.

Debunked: Let us not pretend that there is absolutely no correlation between substance abuse and sex work, but it is offensive to be reduced to a stereotype, isn’t it? It would not be the case with most of them indeed. The escort that we interviewed only drinks on occasion, when they party and that is it, just like any other normal human being.

Myth: They lack better career options.

Debunked: Some high-scale escorts are actually college graduates, and they would be in the field of escorting because they actually like what they are doing. And it is also a known fact that a decent escort makes a lot more money than the average college graduate American with a good job. Most escorts make $50,000-$100,000 in 6 months, and that is how much an average American is paid in one year.

Myth: They come from rough backgrounds

Debunked: Too general and not true in most cases.

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